Development increasing in Plain City

Feb 4 2012 - 10:55pm

PLAIN CITY -- Development is picking up in this city, according to Treasurer Steven Davis, with revenue from building and licensing permits at approximately 414 percent of what was projected in the city budget.

Six months into the fiscal year, the city had received nearly $84,000 in building and licensing permit fees.

"We were conservative on our budget, obviously," said Davis. "Building is picking up and coming in a little better than we anticipated." He said the city will have to amend the budget.

Davis said the city has $682,000 in its general fund in cash and $229,000 sales tax and road funds and almost $39,000 is due in accounts receivable from Bona Vista Water.

The city's total liabilities are $99,602 and include accounts payable, federal and state withholding payable, Central Weber Sewer Impact Fees, as well as retirement payable accounts.

There is approximately $245,000 in class C road funds and $93,000 in the park fund with $280,755 in the storm drain fund balance. There is also a little over $2,000 in the fire hydrant fund, $74,000 in the transportation fund and $11,690 in the public safety fund. These funds are unappropriated.

The city has received 93 percent of property taxes for the fiscal year and sales tax at 56 percent is pretty well in line with the budget, Davis said. Revenue from court fines is just under $10,000 and miscellaneous revenue is nearly $30,000 with revenue coming in from interest earnings, the 4th of July, Founders Day, Cultural Arts, street light revenue and donations for Pioneer Park as well as rental fees.

Davis said there were some unexpected costs not originally part of the budget, including the roof repair at City Hall as well as inside damage from leaks that came to approximately $17,000.

"That one came out of the blue. We weren't expecting that one," said Davis.

He said the city was able to transfer money to the capital projects fund over the past two years and now the city has over $656,000 in that account.

Davis said there is an increase in fees coming from Central Weber Sewer District, and for the 86 homes using that system costs will increase about $4.30 a month.

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