Olympic memories - Michael Dellos

Feb 11 2012 - 7:43pm


Standard-Examiner readers were invited to share their favorite 2002 Winter Olympic memories:

I was an Events Host at the curling venue in Ogden. Since that time I have been curling with the Ogden Curling Club for nine years.

My best experience at the curling venue was on a Saturday night greeting people before they went through the mag and bag as we called it or security check. One gentleman had just flown in from Canada to watch the curling. He asked me where he could get tickets. I had to tell him that the event was sold out. He could not believe that curling would be sold out in the U.S. Did not think it was that popular.

I explained to him that is a Saturday night in Ogden, Utah and what else is there do to except go to a curling match. He thought that was okay. I told him where he could go to watch it live on TV.

Two volunteers, Tim Irish and Mark Rubey, that are now curlers are going to Club Nationals for the second time in two years. Club Nationals is an event that takes place every year in March. There are nine regions in the U.S.

The Ogden club is in the MOPAC region which includes teams from the western U.S. In January, 15 men's teams and 6 women's teams got together for a play-down to determine who represents the MOPAC region. They are two of the four man team going to Club Nationals in March. Irish who was a timer official at the curling venue and Rubey who was on the team for the women's downhill. They should be recognized for participation in an Olympic sport after the Olympics.

Michael Dellos

Weber County

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