Olympic memories - Naomi Anson

Feb 12 2012 - 1:27am


Standard-Examiner readers were invited to share their favorite 2002 Winter Olympic memories:

My husband (Carey Anson) and I volunteered at the Olympic Oval where they had speedskating. We were in communications, so we monitored all of the radio frequencies.

Each department was assigned a channel; for example, the police would talk on one channel, cleaning crews on another, etc. Our job was to be "base."

Whenever someone from one channel needed to talk to another they would call us and we would find an empty channel on which to communicate. It was a unique experience to be able to listen to everything behind the scenes.

We were located in an annex just outside the building, and we shared our space with the Secret Service. We got to know some of the agents really well, and we would share Krispy Kremes with them before they left for the day on their ATVs.

One of the most memorable experiences was when we got a call from one of the female secret service agents who wanted to be connected with maintenence. There was an issue that she needed help with. She was skirting around what was actually wrong until finally she said, "I dropped my phone in the port-a-potty!"

It was her secret service phone and it had to be retrieved. All of us in communications could not stop laughing, and her fellow agents did not stop teasing her every time she came back to the building!

Naomi and Carey Anson

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