Olympic memories - Randy liposky

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 11:12 AM

Randy Liposky

Standard-Examiner readers were invited to share their favorite 2002 Winter Olympic memories:

As an Olympic volunteer, I worked with the Opening and Closing Ceremonies team. My specific task was to work with the VIPs that attended the ceremonies.

My duties included shuttling the VIPs to and from their lodging, ensuring they were properly credentialed, torch relays, medal ceremonies, and other related events that occurred during the two weeks of the Olympics. As a volunteer I had the opportunity to work with the likes of Senator John Glen, Jean-Michel Cousteau (son of Jacques Cousteau) and the surprise visit of the 1980 "Miracle On Ice" Olympic hockey team.

Incredibly, as a result of working with the Miracle on Ice team, I was able to re-unite with my long lost cousin, also a former Olympic Hockey player. I now live in Michigan but I am there in spirit with my fellow volunteers as we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the 2002 Olympics.

Randy Liposky

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