Mountain West Meadows Phase 3 gets final approval

Feb 13 2012 - 12:52pm

PLAIN CITY -- Mountain West Meadows Phase 3 gained final approval from the city with just a few items that need to be completed.

Developer Jeff Hales said the conditions -- the change of an address on Lot 107 and clarifying a turn around that extends into another parcel -- will be met.

"Where we moved the subdivision to the south, that needs to be part of the legal description," Hales said. "It will be done prior to the recording of the plat."

Hales said the last parcel is still owned by M&S, which also owns the rest of the subdivision. The reamining parcel needs to be deeded to the company, he said.

"The turn around has extended to the south; the legal description has to take that in," said Hales. He also said that, prior to construction, they will have a meeting with City Engineer Brad Jensen.

Hales said they pulled the property line down 14 feet from the bank of the canal to leave an easement and said the plat will show slash marks to designate that easement as an area where nothing can be built.

"No structures, sheds or anything like that," he said.

Councilman Bruce Higley asked if a fence is required around the subdivision.

"We are fencing it," Hales said. "Fourteen feet off the concrete on the west side of the bank (of the canal)."

Hales said fencing in Phase 1 goes all around, and fencing in Phase 2 goes around until it meets field fencing.

"So you'll have a fence around this whole property?" asked Mayor Jay Jenkins.

"The west side is field fence; this (the fence the developer will install) is put on for protection of the canal," said Hales. He said they will put in chain-link fence.

"We'll probably go ahead and get started," Hales said. "We'll do all we can prior to recording and then set up escrow. Every subdivision we ever had to do, we've had to have cash in an account."

Hales said they plan to give the property easement to the Plain City Irrigation Company. He said whether it owns the property or not, the company is responsible for maintenance of the canal, and this will give the company access to it. Hales also said there is a ditch that needs to be filled in, but it is the irrigation company's responsibility.

He said state code clearly places responsibility for ditches and canals with the irrigation company and not with developers as long as they are conforming to the laws and regulations of the city.

Councilman Brent White said the city engineer had recommended final approval of Mountain West Meadows Phase 3. Council members unanimously approved it.

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