Lower tax rates didn't create jobs

Feb 17 2012 - 3:01pm


The income tax reduction was passed by both the House and the Senate and sent to the president for his signature. The Republicans claim that it would hinder the creation of jobs. The tax reduction by the Bush administration was supposed to foster the creation of jobs. If that were the case, there would not be a massive increase in the unemployment, but, rather a lower rate of the unemployed. There would not be a necessity to extend the unemployment for the unemployed. The Obama administration has been trying to introduce a jobs bill that was kept from consideration by filibuster from the Republican senators so it was not being debated and voted on. Many of the Republican supporters keep saying that Obama needs to put a jobs plan forward, but when he tries to, the obstructive Republicans do their best to stop it from any discussion.

The compromise for the passage of the tax reduction that includes an extension of the unemployment is out of the normal obstruction process that the Republicans have been promoting for the past three years. Why can't they all bury their political hatchets and allow the president to get his plan debated and voted on? The country may benefit from it and the economy and jobs would be the better for it. We don't need constant bickering to get the country back to a positive picture for the rest of the world to see.

Clifford Tornow


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