Firefighters extinguish Clinton house fire

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 11:14 AM

Jasen Asay

CLINTON -- Firefighters from four agencies battled more than just a house fireMonday morning.

Clinton Fire Chief Jason Poulsen said his department received a call at 5:45 am for a house fire at 3111 W. 1800 N. Poulsen was first on scene and saw smoke coming from the house.

"The homeowner was outside, which was good because we were able to verify that there was no one inside the home," Poulsen said. "That's something you worry about at quarter-to-six in the morning."

The homeowner is an elderly woman, Poulsen said, who was standing with family members who live next door to her.

Knowing that there was no one inside, firefighters from Clinton, Syracuse, North Davis and Sunset quickly got to work attacking the fire.

"We got to the fire quickly and it stayed right in the attic," Poulsen said. "All the guys who helped us did fabulous. Once we got in, we got to the seed of the fire. The fire vented through the roof and we were able to extinguish it from inside and outside."

An ambulance from Roy also responded in case someone needed to be transported to the hospital.

Along with the fire, firefighters had to deal with the cold conditions at such an early time of the day.

"It was extremely cold," Poulsen said. "We had freezing conditions when spraying, and when we did we were basically making an ice sheet."

Poulsen said the fire started after there was an explosion along the service line that comes into the house's meter box. That caused a short in the service line, which runs inside the attic in the house going to another electrical panel.

Firefighters faced another challenge when they noticed the house's original roof was a flat roof, and sometime after the home was built the owners added a pitched roof.

"It was difficult to get into the attic," Poulsen said. "But we saved this house. We're lucky we got to it quick."

Investigators are still looking into the fire but Poulsen estimated that the house suffered approximately $90,000 in damage. The homeowner will stay with her family next door until she can move back into her home.

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