Animal control contract renewed

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 11:21 AM


City leaders have approved a contract renewal with Davis County Animal Care and Control for $41,977.

The contract is an increase of $3,000 from 2011, according to Wayne Hansen, chief of the Farmington Police Department, with the hike linked to increased use of the county service for domestic animal services.

The county did not increase the amount due from the cities in 2012, so any increase in projected costs is based on the number of calls fielded by the county, according to Clint Thacker, director of Davis County Animal Care & Control.

County data shows Farmington has seen a steady increase during the past three years for domestic animal services.

The city had 849 calls in 2009, 969 in 2010 and 1,312 in 2011.

By contrast the number of call for services to deal with wild animals, specifically raccoons, was down from 275 in 2010 to 218 in 2011.

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