Tax money is well spent in Job Corps programs

Feb 27 2012 - 5:26pm


On a recent visit to the Weber Basin Job Corps for a ceremony, I was please to see how the counselors and students there were so anxious and ready to learn and get on with a good education in either a trade or continued studies. Many there received their high school G.E.D. and in some cases college credits. Others learned welding, carpentery, and a culinary school to rival any. These young men and women, all from either broken homes or being too poor to pay for educational benefits, will come out of there with a new spirit instilled by the very hard-working and highly motivated teachers and counselors, many of whom have their degrees or other types of leadership training such as a military background.

These students aren't only there to study, they all have their assigned jobs to do on a daily basis, and they do them with pride as well as diligence. So, the next time anyone hears of these young men and women in a bad light, believe me, when I say that I was very impressed by their behavior as well as their willingness to learn and achieve a good education in order to become good and productive citizens. All of us are human, and we should treat each other as such. Some of us just need a little helping hand so we can all see and recognize that there is another side of life that we can all enjoy and prosper.

Once more, my hat is off to those teachers, counselors and students at Weber Basin Job Corps, and long live their motto, "Job Corps is a way to get what you want out of life." To me, this is tax money well invested and spent in the future of our next leaders, neighbors and fellow Americans. If anyone doubts what I have just said, please take time to come and visit the next time Job Corps has an open house. Remember, its our money so come see where, why and how its spent.

"Blessed is he who helps the poor and disadvantaged."

Miguel R. Serda, Jr.


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