Political catcalling solves nothing

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 11:36 AM

Dorothea E. Masur


Isn't everyone weary to death of the political catcalling back and forth without coming to any conclusion? There is the Feb. 12 Viewpoints column by Doyle McManus, "Those mudslinging Republicans," and the Feb. 12 letter to the editor, "Racism seems to be alive and well," which gives us a lesson on government and the meaning of discrimination. Never mind that it is not substantiated by any proof and includes outrageous allegations which don't coincide with fact.

We and our candidates are not speaking truth about issues which are sinking the country, and we spend our time on useless minutia. Why are our candidates not talking about the amount of important, historic and new property in the billions in the heart of our cities such as New York, that is now owned by China? Some states have engaged Chinese to teach school here. What happened to these "irreplaceable teachers?"

We should be demanding truthful figures on unemployment so a solution can be reached. Instead, we argue about who is to blame.

We should be admitting that the Department of Education has swallowed mountains of money in quest of better education, but has succeeded only in taking local education decisions from us on a local level where our children are, and withholding money from us (our tax money) until we abide by their vision. Why bother to have boards of education if only to funnel money through the pipeline?

These nitty-gritty problems offer few rewards or popularity contests, but we should know how these candidates would deal with them, to say nothing of Social Security health, energy, etc.

Dorothea E. Masur


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