Hatch will gaze upward for support

Mar 2 2012 - 5:34pm


Our aging senior senator must be hoping that Utah voters have forgotten what happened almost four decades ago.

The incumbent, Sen. Frank Moss, was the third-ranking member of that august body. His challenger, Orrin Hatch, had come from Pennsylvania and hoped to convince voters to choose him instead, saying: "What do you tell a man who's been in the Senate for 18 years? You tell him to come home."

Since Hatch obviously believed that 18 years in the Senate was enough, how does he explain the necessity of his having been there now for 36 years, and adding insult, asking us for yet another six-year term? Is there a better argument for term limitations than this man?

We're asked to believe that his seniority is too important to Utah to replace him with someone else. I'd like to hear him explain why his seniority is invaluable while Sen. Moss' seniority was not.

Finally, when his colossal ego allows him to announce that "I would be letting down my Father in heaven if I didn't run again," It's time for our jaws to drop in shock, then quickly look elsewhere for a candidate who won't be gazing heavenward for his political support.

M. Jensen Ogden

North Ogden

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