Woods Cross starts tweeting sex offender move-ins

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 11:36 AM


WOODS CROSS-- Sex offenders will now get Twitter introductions when they move to Woods Cross.

The Woods Cross Police Department sent its first such tweet this week, saying "New to the area" with a link to the sex offender registry listing of a man convicted in 2000 of attempted forcible sexual abuse.

Police Chief Greg Butler tells the Deseret News (http://bit.ly/zTxGfh ) that he's a parent and likes the idea of knowing who's moving into the neighborhood. But he says the sex offenders themselves probably don't appreciate the news broadcasted.

Civil rights attorney Brian Barnard says there's nothing illegal about the tweets, but says he has concerns about the Utah sex offender registry itself. He says it includes many people who aren't likely to reoffend.

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