Around the Remote: Julianne Moore stars as Sarah Palin in HBO 'Game Change'

Mar 4 2012 - 8:56am

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"Game Change" -- Like a master illusionist, actress Julianne Moore makes an incredible metamorphosis to become Sarah Palin in this compelling, behind-the-scenes look into John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign. Based on segments of the bestselling book of the same name, "Game Change" revisits a defining moment in U.S. politics, capturing the human drama tied to the process in which Palin was chosen to be McCain's running mate and her stunning emergence as the "game-changer" who invigorated his beleaguered campaign. Ed Harris plays McCain and Woody Harrelson plays chief strategist Steve Schmidt, the man who championed Palin for the ticket. 10 p.m. Saturday, HBO.

Other bets

* "Army Wives" storms into its sixth season with a hurricane headed straight for Fort Marshall just as the tribe is preparing to leave behind the recently decommissioned base. New to the show: Kelli Williams joins the cast and Susan Lucci makes several guest appearances. 7 p.m. today, Lifetime.

* Apparently, you just can't escape high school. In the soapy new drama "GCB," former mean girl Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb) returns to Dallas after a long absence to find that the God-fearing classmates she once tormented aren't about to let go of old grudges. Also among the cast: Kristin Chenoweth and Annie Potts. 9 p.m. today, KTVX Channel 4.

* The cons continue to aid the cops in Season 2 of "Breakout Kings." But the stakes are raised as the kings set their eyes on a particularly vicious serial killer who has a score to settle with Lloyd (Jimmi Simpson). 11 p.m. today, A&E.

* Let's get ready to ruuuuuumble. The so-called battle rounds begin tonight on "The Voice" as the singers compete in duets and the coaches enlist the help of guest mentors such as Kelly Clarkson, Ne-Yo, Miranda Lambert and others. 7 p.m. Monday, KSL Channel 5.

* Emmy-winner Megan Mullally joins the cast of "Breaking In" as the sitcom opens its second season. She plays a brash and unhinged new boss who makes life rough for the gang after Oz (Christian Slater) is forced to sell Contra Security to a global conglomerate. 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, KSTU Channel 13.

* The popular series, "House Hunters," comes to the Silicon Valley, where a couple looks to take their relationship to the next level by purchasing their first home together. But reality soon hits: Money doesn't stretch very far in this pricey real estate market. 11 p.m. Tuesday, HGTV.

* No longer the nasally character in "The Nanny," Fran Drescher is now the nasally character in "Happily Divorced," which opens its second season. The opener has Fran fretting over a potential confrontation with an old adversary at her college reunion. 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, TV Land.

* On "Person of Interest," Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) are perplexed when their machine points to a 6-month-old baby as the next POI. Meanwhile, an old rival resurfaces. 8 p.m. Thursday, KUTV Channel 2.

* It's another bizarre case for the gang on "Grimm." While investigating an arson-related homicide, Nick David Giuntoli finds himself in the heated world of Portland fire-dancing, where he meets a woman who, um, may be too hot to handle. 8 p.m. Friday, KSL Channel 5.

* "Of Two Minds" is a new TV movie that examines the challenges of mental illness. It's the story of a woman (Kristin Davis) who takes in her schizophrenic sister following the death of their mother. But her sibling's disturbing behavior threatens their relationship and her family. 6 p.m. Saturday, Lifetime.

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