Cremated remains left in rental home

Mar 4 2012 - 11:29pm

OGDEN -- Ogden police are hoping the public can help them locate a resting place for what they suspect is cremated remains.

The remains, they believe, are of Linda Mecham, whose Mound Fort Junior High School identification card was located with the ashes.

Police were called to a vacant property at 2156 Polk on Saturday evening by a landlord who had come across the remains.

The landlord told police a previous tenant had recently moved out and told the landlord that a transient friend had asked the tenant to store some items at the rental property.

Police records indicated that the transient told the tenant that among the items were the cremated remains of his wife.

Reports indicate the tenant stored the items for the man but had not heard from him.

The tenant left the items behind when he moved.

The remains were found in a plastic bag inside a wood jewelry type of box, police say.

They now are stored as evidence at the Ogden Police Department.

Those with information to help in this case are asked to call the Ogden Police Department at 801-395-8221.

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