Utah lawmakers consider increased coyote bounty

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 11:41 AM


SALT LAKE CITY-- The reward for killing a coyote in Utah could more than double through a proposal awaiting debate in the House.

Republican Sen. Ralph Okerlund of Monroe says the current $20 bounty on coyotes would become $50 if Senate Bill 245 is approved.

Okerlund says coyotes present a serious threat to the mule deer population as well as livestock, especially sheep.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources mammals coordinator John Shivik says while coyotes can cause problems a bounty is inefficient for protecting wildlife.

Shivik says the state's mule deer population is lower than in the past but has remained stable for the past few years.

The Utah Humane Society is opposing the proposal because they say a bounty encourages the needless killing of coyotes and traps could threaten house pets.

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