Riverdale committee urges no-parking zone near splash pad

Mar 10 2012 - 12:15am


RIVERDALE -- The city's Risk Management Committee has recommended a no-parking zone on the west side of Parker Drive around Riverdale Park.

Although parking is limited on the north side of the park near the more attractive features such as the splash pad, large pavilion and playground, plenty of parking is available at the Riverdale Community Center and Riverdale Elementary School, the committee said.

Parking at the community center has been underutilized, said Public Works Department Administrator Shawn Douglas.

The fact that other cities in the county are creating their own splash pads will ease demand on Riverdale's, the committee said.

A no-parking zone would allow fire department engines the clearance needed for turning from their bays onto Parker Drive.

The committee said it would rather "err on the side of caution" with this issue because of the risk of injury or death of pedestrians, "particularly inattentive children" attempting to cross the street without a marked crosswalk.

Douglas said the no-parking zone "will not affect the parking on a normal day during the summer."

City council members, however, are worried about the effect a no-parking zone will have on Old Glory Days, Riverdale's annual Fourth of July celebration.

The council discussed closing the section of Parker Drive near the park during the festivities rather than putting bags over the no-parking signs to temporarily lift the restriction.

"That is the busiest day and what could be the most hazardous day," Douglas said.

The city council referred the matter back to the risk management committee to study how to handle parking during large events.

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