School's 'wax museum' taught kids, parents about history

Mar 14 2012 - 6:03pm


I attended a very impressive program presented by my granddaughter's third-grade class at Uintah Elementary School. It was the students' "wax museum" night and it highlighted over a hundred youngsters regaled in costumes commemorating heros and heroines from the past. Each student had to select a noted historical figure, research that person, draw a picture representing that person and write a short bio-speech presenting the highlights of his or her life.

The costumes were outstanding, indicating much effort and coordination was put into the program by the students, their teachers and their parents. Available for inspection were Teddy Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin, Cleopatra, Betsy Ross, Einstein, King Tut, and many, many more. Even Elvis made an appearance (thank you 'veddy' much!).

Attendees were given a handful of gold coins (plastic, of course) and when one was dropped into the container beside each performer that boy or girl presented the short bio-speech which he or she had worked on so diligently to memorize during the week. These mini-presentations were excellent and I learned some new things about history. What a fun way to learn!

The gymnasium was full of smiling parents and teachers as the costumed historical figures proudly presented their prepared speeches. The principal and teachers of Uintah Elementary are to be commended for a great parent-teacher-student evening, which was filled with enjoyment and togetherness. And, most impressive, I got a hug from Teddy Roosevelt!

Ron Rich


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