Commission to consider 13 bids for flood-control work in Layton

Mar 15 2012 - 8:42pm

FARMINGTON -- A diversion project to control high flows in the Kays Creek channel and prevent potential flooding of east Layton homes has drawn more than a dozen bids for the work.

On Tuesday, the Davis County Commission received 13 bids from area contractors for the 2900 East diversion project in Layton.

The bids ranged from a high of $392,225 to an apparent low of $242,367 submitted by Thurgood Excavating, of north Davis County.

"Receiving 13 bids added to the competitive nature of the bid. We felt that the bids were closely patterned, confirming our government cost estimate," said Davis County Public Works Director Kirk Schmalz.

County engineers estimated a $275,000 cost for the project.

Contractors will have a 60-day period upon notice to complete the work, Schmalz said.

Prior to a bid being awarded, officials will thoroughly review the figures before making a recommendation, said Davis County Commissioner Bret Millburn.

The intent of the project is to mitigate high flows in Kays Creek by constructing a diversion box and piping, to detour higher water flows past a tight bend in the stream channel at about 2900 East, Schmalz said.

The bypass piping will carry high-flow water about a block west, where it will drain back into the stream channel, Schmalz said.

In the past, homeowners have complained of flooded basements because of high flows spilling over the channel, he said.

The channel is steep in places, Schmalz said, with a number of residences along the creek.

The bypass piping will be designed to take pressure off the channel.

The diversion project will be funded from the $27 million bond revenues the county approved in December 2009 for flood-control work. Those bond revenues must all be designated for projects or spent by the end of this year.

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