Classic 1927 Pierce-Arrow car stolen in Riverton

Mar 16 2012 - 10:24am


1927 Pierce-Arrow Series 80 Roadster
1927 Pierce-Arrow Series 80 Roadster

RIVERTON  -- A thief apparently has more interest in the roaring 20s than roaring engines.

Police say somebody took a 1927 Pierce-Arrow Roadster from a barn in Riverton on Monday. The car doesn't run.

Jeannette Hoops tells KSL her father bought the classic car in 1963 for $3,400. The family planned to eventually sell it at auction, where it could fetch as much as $75,000.

Police say the burgundy car is easily recognizable, and the thief would have had to load the vehicle onto a trailer to sneak it away.

Pierce-Arrow was a respected brand in the auto industry during 38 years of production, but the company stopped building cars amid the Great Depression, according to a collectors' website.


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