Roy RDA approves land swap with Weber School District

Mar 19 2012 - 6:38pm


ROY -- The city Redevelopment Agency has agreed to a land swap with the Weber School District that will allow for the construction of a new North Park Elementary School.

The site for the new school is at approximately 4000 S. 2175 West, just east of the school's current location.

In return, the RDA will get the land where the school currently stands.

Because of the land swap, students will be able to stay in the old school while the new school is built across the street.

The RDA approved the deal because the land is in the city's Redevelopment Agency just west of the Iomega building, said City Manager Chris Davis.

The property has 17 to 18 acres of vacant land. The amount of land at the two sites is about the same, but it is likely that some money will be included, because the land the RDA owns is more valuable than the land the district owns, Davis said.

The amount is yet to be determined and depends on the outcome of a general obligation bond election the school district plans to hold in June.

Mayor Joe Ritchie thinks Weber County residents will approve the bond, because it won't increase taxes but will extend the life of the current bond the district has.

He said he hopes residents will approve the bond so plans can move forward for the elementary school students in his city.

The new school is scheduled to be open in 2014.

Ritchie said the RDA and the city will consider how to use the space to its prime potential.

The anticipation is that, once the new school is built, the old school will be razed and the city will most likely expand the area into a park.

Davis said the land swap is something the city has never done before, but the city has worked with the school district in sharing schools and land.

The city has an agreement with the district about Sandridge Park, which adjoins Sandridge Junior High.

The school district owns the park, but the city maintains it for some of its recreation programs. The city also uses the school itself for some of its basketball programs as part of the deal.

The city also shares its park just south of Municipal Elementary School, allowing students to use the grounds and play equipment.

"It was so clean and so neat," Ritchie said of the land swap. "We are eager to continue to generate activity to that part of town."

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