St. George 'bomb' was actually typewriter

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 11:59 AM


ST. GEORGE -- A 26-year-old Washington resident is behind bars after police say he claimed to have a bomb at a pharmacy, but actually had an old typewriter.

Clayton Brady Brinkerhoff was arrested Sunday afternoon when St. George police got calls about a man acting suspiciously at a K-Mart store.

Authorities say Brinkerhoff was wearing a motorcycle helmet and a camouflage jacket, and was seen writing on a piece of paper at the store's pharmacy.

Officials say Brinkerhoff immediately opened his briefcase when they approached, revealing the typewriter.

They say the note he was writing demanded prescription medication and said he had a bomb in the briefcase.

Police say Brinkerhoff told them he intended to rob the pharmacy. He was booked into the Washington County jail.

It's unclear whether he has an attorney.

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