Some offenders are never 'rehabilitated'

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 12:10 PM

Christine Lopez-Jarvis


Offenders rehabilitated? It's so easy to say after their having been incarcerated. It's only because these offenders were caught. Of course, they claim to be rehabilitated. We cannot keep serial offenders behind bars. In some case, forever. Yet, they claim to have changed. The reality is, lives did change--the lives of all of their victims and family.They are traumatized, forever. They are regretful and never completely happy or nor experience peace of mind. It's all because of these offenders of such hurtful acts. Acts, they committed more than once. If fact, too many times. Still they would be committing them if not for being caught and incarcerated.

The cycle of self-fulfillment and temptations continues.

Christine Lopez Jarvis

West Haven

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