Ogden officials: Temporary shutdown of Ogden Canyon culinary water better than system failure

Apr 4 2012 - 7:14pm

OGDEN -- Ogden Canyon residents might want to squirrel away a little water -- in two weeks they won't have any for four days.

From April 16-19, Ogden City will be repairing its culinary water control vault to the 23rd Street Reservoirs and will shut down all water from the city treatment plant and the Pineview well field.

Storage within water reservoirs will be utilized during the four-day repair for city use and Ogden residents living outside of the canyon will not see a disruption of service.

City Engineer Justin Anderson said a number of repairs need to be made at the 23rd Street Reservoirs because of their condition and age.

In order to make the repairs, the slide gates at the control vault need to be replaced.

The city is also in the beginning stages of repairing a 24-inch canyon water line. In order to make any repairs on the water line and keep service to city residents, the vault needs to be operational.

"This isn't just something that popped up," Anderson said. "This is a project that has been needed for quite a while now."

Anderson said a controlled shut down is a much better solution than an unexpected failure.

Anderson said a failure at the 23rd Street Reservoirs could possibly take weeks to fix, depending on part availability and the extent of the failure.

"An emergency repair would not only affect the canyon residents for an extended period of time," he said. "It would also affect the majority of Ogden City's culinary water customers."

Anderson said the timing of this repair is critical.

During summer months, the city experiences high water demands and doesn't have enough storage to keep customers in service.

The winter months are also not an option due to temperature conditions that may cause damage to the water lines.

During the shut down, canyon residents will have access to potable water at the Ogden City Water Treatment Facility near Pineview Reservoir as well as additional locations to be determined.

Residents will be able to fill containers and will be provided 24 bottles of water per household per day. Portable showers will be provided at the water treatment plant and city personnel will be stationed at the plant 24-hours a day during the shutdown.

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