Pleasant View street project moving forward

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 12:19 PM


PLEASANT VIEW -- The street project on 600 West will move forward, according to City Administrator Melinda Brimhall, who said the city representatives plan to meet soon with property owners.

“We are trying to preserve trees and minimize the impact on property owners,” said Brimhall. “The road will meander back and forth as much as it can, to minimize the impact on individual property owners.”

Brimhall said the city wants to initiate dialog with property owners and survey crews have been out surveying the land.

“We will meet with property owners to get their input,” said Brimhall.

Mayor Doug Clifford said the process will be based on the UDOT example and said it is a workable process.

“There are steps you go through so you don’t drop any balls working with property owners while going through the process,” said Clifford. “We get the process down step by step and follow it through and get all the land owners involved in the process, it is a legal process to go through to secure these properties.

“The property owners have rights and the city has rights,” he said.

Clifford said the city will be shaving off approximately two acres in small pieces and said there are plans to have sidewalk down just one side of the new road to minimize the impact to property owners.

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