Tea Party seniors tricked by propaganda

Apr 5 2012 - 3:23pm


The hypocrisy is so amazing it is laughable. During the run-up to the last congressional elections, when staged Tea Party groups took control of town hall meetings throughout the country, we could hear Tea Party members express their outrage over Obama's alleged destruction of Medicare with his new health care legislation. Tea Party seniors were heard raging against government run health care, while at the same time venting their rage with words such as "Don't touch my Medicare."

They were feeding off right-wing propaganda claiming that the part of the legislation designed to reduce fraud and introduce badly needed cost control was actually a subterfuge for something else--to cut or destroy Medicare altogether. What is laughable is that at the same time they were feeding the Tea Party with this dishonest propaganda, they were in back rooms defining their real agenda -- to destroy it themselves.

Their intent has since come out in Paul Ryan's proposal that would replace Medicare with a voucher system. The Congressional Budget Office and one study after another has said that a voucher system would essentially destroy Medicare to the serious detriment of the very seniors that the Republicans were claiming to help.

Jack E. Allen



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