layton improvements near high school appreciated

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 12:28 PM

Ann C. Christoferson


Layton city management deserves an overdue thank you for its attentive and prompt workmanship of improvements behind Layton High on Fort Lane. It curtailed the demon tactics like noon litter bugs on apartment parkways and it gave decent access to the traffic of inbound services for the elderly in all phases. I thought 50 feet would have given us enough space to see traffic while easing out from apartments, yet the city gave 60 feet.

The muling of pot under our noses was nipped in the bud. Teens smoking behind garages of private property and incoming "footmobiles" are easy to detect due to the open view. Some decongesting of town life gave comfort zones and safety for the fire department and police on private property complex. We still speak of the improvement in Layton.

Ann C. Christoferson


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