Prom etiquette

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 12:28 PM

Jessica Heywood

Prom is the moment every girl and boy looks forward to, from the time they are in kindergarten all the way up to the night before it happens.

It's going to be the best night of your life right?

Well, that depends on how you do it. There are things you need to do for prom, and things that you absolutely, under no circumstance, should do.

For example, a guy obviously knows that he probably shouldn't come and pick up his prom date in his work clothes, but does he know how to get a corsage ordered on time? A girl might know to let the boy pay for things, but does she know to also let him open the doors for her?

In the middle of the dance season, we offer some tips for handling the ins and outs of prom.

Do's for girls

DO buy a dress that will make your date feel comfortable. It will make the whole day less awkward.

DO be yourself. The boy you are going with obviously wants to go with you if he asked you, so don't spend the whole date trying to be someone you'renot.

DO be the kind of date you want to have. If you want to have a silly carefree date, then don't act serious and boring. Just have fun with it!

DO dance. You didn't come to prom to sit around and look pretty. Make sure that you're wearing shoes and a dress that allow you to move a little.

DO say thank you to your date. He has gone through a lot to make sure that this night is great for you. Let him know that it means a lot to you.

DO eat your dinner. Your date paid for the dinner, and he won't think you are a pig if you eat it all.

Don'ts for girls

DON'T overdo it on your makeup. You want to look beautiful, but that doesn't mean your date wants to go to prom with a circus clown.Try something different, but don't cake it on.

DON'T primp in public. Nobody wants to see you apply your bright red lipstick for the umpteenth time. Use the restrooms for reapplying, but don't spend the whole night in there.

DON'T leave your date to go and dance with your friends. If you do want to dance next to your friends, take your date with you.

DON'T be dramatic. This is not a night to get in a fight with your boyfriend or your best friend. The most important thing is to make memories, not fights.

Do's for guys

DO be on time. Your date will be waiting plenty early for you. Don't keep her hanging around too long.

DO open doors for your date. Chivalry is not dead. Go as far as to get mad if she reaches for the door handle (but then be happy again right after).

DO enter with your date. Not in front of her or behind her; enter with your arms linked.

DO wear your really good-smelling cologne -- but don't overdo it.

DO have fun and dance. Remember, prom is like a big party. Don't stress too much over it.

DO let loose and be crazy when you dance to fast songs. Your date will think it's funny and cute.

DO make a dinner reservation, or you might get caught in a over-crowded restaurant.

Don'ts for guys

DON'T forget the corsage or the dance tickets. These are definitely important things to have for prom.

DON'T lock your keys inside of your car. Simple enough, right? But you would be surprised. This will make you late, grumpy and embarrassed, and no one wants that.

DON'T forget to compliment your date. She has gone through a lot of preparation to look like she does tonight. Tell her how nice she looks.

DON'T ask to see your date's dress before prom. It's OK to ask her what color it is, but save seeing the actual dress for that night.

There you have it. The most important thing to remember for both guys and girls is to just to enjoy the prom. If you are having fun with who you're with, then the rest of this will come naturally.

Jessica Heywood is a junior at Morgan High School. She enjoys painting, photography, and playing the piano, violin and guitar. Contact her at

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