Voting machines can easily be manipulated

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 12:36 PM

Bruce Adams


After watching the HBO documentary "Hacking Democracy," a true story of a grandmother who had the courage to stand up for freedom, I'm thoroughly convinced that organized crime is heavily involved in manipulating presidential election results. In my opinion, thanks to our illegalizing of drugs, prostitution, and gambling, the Mafia has amassed enough billions to own the corporations that build our electronic voting machines. They also have enough key government people who do the "auditing" of our voting process. Diebold, the corporation that built the voting machines that we use here in the state of Utah, has already been caught committing voter fraud in the state of California and had to pay millions in restitution. Did you know that a wireless laptop in Germany can enter your voting machine in mid-election and change the results?

Of course, the corporations that build our voting machines won't let us private citizens look at the internal computer program because it's a "trade secret." Give me a break, it counts votes; period. Why should that ever be a "trade secret?"

This is a bipartisan issue that strikes at the very heart of our democracy, folks. We can either get control of this issue or kiss our freedom goodbye. All electronic voting machines need to be scrapped in favor of paper ballots. Are we giving up freedom in the name of convenience? I don't care if it takes all week for private volunteers from each party to hand count each ballot; at least then we'll know who actually won the election.

Bruce Adams


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