City changes fuel service company

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 12:45 PM


BRIGHAM CITY -- City vehicles will soon fill up using a program offered by Cardwell Distributing, following a decision by the city council on April 19.

City vehicles, including police cars and public work trucks, have used the Utah state-sponsored fueling system, Fuelman. But Public Works Director Tyler Pugsley told the council that Midvale-based Cardwell has offered a better deal. The gas card provided by Cardwell will give a 5 percent discount at its own sites, and allow the city vehicles to fill up at nearly all gas stations statewide, Pugsley said.

The current Fuelman carries a 2 percent charge, he said.

Cardwell has also offered other enticements, including emergency fueling. If the electricity is out, for instance, and city drivers are unable to operate gas pumps, the company will provide a generator backup. Cardwell will also deliver gas to various sites in the city for off-site fueling, such as the golf course.

Puglsey estimates that by the time new procedures are in place, “everything will be switched over by the first of June.”

Cardwell Distributing is one of the largest suppliers of fuels and lubricants to retail, commercial, and industrial customers in Utah, Wyoming, Nevada and Colorado. It is a direct distributor for every major refiner, including Sinclair, Conoco, Tesoro, Flying J, Chevron, Wyoming Refining, Silver Eagle and Holly.

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