Many would 'walk naked' to Arkansas for $850K

Apr 26 2012 - 1:48pm


Who can blame folks for being upset and feeling betrayed with the premature departure of Weber State's football coach, John L. Smith? But the Standard-Examiner's "Our View" commentary chastising Smith for taking an $850K a year job over a puny $130K a year position makes me laugh (Apr. 26, "Smith hightails it out of town"). Hey, for $850K a year, I'd give my employer a ten minute notice and walk naked to Arkansas!

Was Smith's decision harsh? In the eyes of some, probably. Was it ethical? I'll leave that up to the editorial staff at the Standard, as Lee, Andy and Doug are good at handing down judgment on others. Finally, was it something 99 percent of everyone reading this letter would do in a heartbeat? Yes!

Assistance coach, Matt Hammer correctly put things in perspective when he said, "It's just part of the profession."

I am confident that Weber State officials will find an equally competent replacement for Smith and that the program will not suffer a bit. And believe me, the athletes will get over it. Who knows, perhaps this little exercise in reality will ultimately better prepare them for the real world once they graduate.

Scott Grange



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