Ogden School District announces slew of administrative changes

May 1 2012 - 5:41am

OGDEN -- The Ogden School District has shuffled its deck of administrators, moving many around and discarding at least one, in hopes of building a winning hand to take the underperforming district into a more promising future.

Thirteen of the district's 20 schools will see personnel changes.

Superintendant Brad Smith on Monday announced the hires for three new district positions created last month, and he named seven new principals and five new assistant principals, some new to the positions and others just moving between schools.

He also announced principal openings at Hillcrest and Lincoln elementary schools, and an assistant principal opening at Highland Junior High. Lichelle Watne has given notice on her job as principal of Hillcrest Elementary to take a consulting job, OSD spokeswoman Donna Corby said.

"We are engaged in the reform process," Smith said. "Moving the right people to the right positions is essential. We are making a concerted effort to get it right.

"But we are still at the starting point. We still have to monitor and assess. This is an essential beginning point."

At the district level, Sandy Coroles, formerly executive director of curriculum, becomes assistant superintendent, which is one of the new positions.

Bruce Penland, former curriculum director over secondary education, makes a lateral move to executive director of the Ben Lomond High zone, a new position which also puts him over all the BLH feeder schools and over George Washington High, the district's alternative high school.

Greg Lewis, former OHS curriculum director of elementary education, has chosen to retire, Smith said. In addition, an assistant principal at Ogden High School was let go.

Former district Federal Programs Coordinator Tim Peters becomes executive director of the Ogden High zone, also a new position that includes feeder schools.

Leanne Rich, formerly in administration at Shadow Valley Elementary, becomes the district's curriculum coordinator, a new position. Richard Nye, formerly an instructor at Ben Lomond High, now will be the coordinator of assessment.

Misti Young, formerly of Lincoln Elementary, moves to the district to become coordinator of federal programs.

Becky Hale moves from Gramercy Elementary to Bonneville Elementary to become principal. Jay Sees makes the reverse trip, from Bonneville to Gramercy, as principal.

Graciela Aparicio, a former teacher at Dee Elementary, becomes principal at Heritage Elementary. Vincent Ardizzone, former principal at Heritage Elementary, becomes principal of James Madison Elementary.

Ben Moser and Kelly Muncy, former teachers, become administrative interns at James Madison/Heritage and at Ogden High, respectively. Rebecca Ellis moves from the district to administrative intern at Ben Lomond High.

Meridee Harrison becomes principal at Polk Elementary. Don Mendenhall, former Ogden High assistant principal, becomes principal at Shadow Valley Elementary.

Ed Morris moves from Ben Lomond High to Highland Junior High, to become principal. Bev Jenson, a district specialist, becomes Mount Ogden Junior High assistant principal. Jessica Bennington becomes assistant principal at Ben Lomond, as does Roger Snow, formerly employed by a technical college.

Kevin Kuykendall, of Highland Junior High, moves to Ogden High as an assistant principal. And Jim Mieure, a former administrative intern, moves to Ogden High as an assistant principal.

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