Sweet dreams

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 12:47 PM

Madison Nielsen

There was a knock at my door one January afternoon, and as I opened the door, expecting see a neighbor kid asking to play, there she was. She looked a little bit older than the last time I saw her. She was wearing the same green uniform, but had a few more badges stitched to the fabric of her sash.

"Would you like to order any Girl Scout cookies this year?" she asked.

It sounded innocent enough, but here are the cold hard facts -- my family is addicted to Girl Scout cookies, and we can't stop eating them until every last package is gone.

My mom is an optimist. She thinks she can order a year's worth of cookies and they will actually last a year. Impossible. Once even just the corner of a Samoa cookie package is torn, it's over.

This year we set a new record -- 25 boxes of everything from Thin Mints to Trefoils, Tagalongs to Samoas, completely gone in less than a month. With my Math 1050 skills, that works out to be about one box a day.

We all know we need to eat healthy foods like wheat bread and broccoli, but the truth is we all have junk food that we can't live without. Here's a look at what some Top of Utah high school students love to eat and can't give up.

Chipping away

"I'm addicted to Sun Chips. I like them because they aren't too salty or greasy, like potato chips."

-- Erika Hoel

Senior, DaVinci Academy

"I love to eat potato chips. I used to eat almost an entire family size bag in one sitting. I've gotten a lot better though! Now I eat them every few days."

-- Zack Patrick

Junior, Bonneville High School

Chocolate cravings

"I love Peanut Butter M&Ms. After I eat a salty meal, there is nothing more satisfying than a bag of those chocolate wonders."

-- Connor Coleman

Junior, Layton High School

"Cosmic Brownies, because they're too delicious and they're colorful. I don't know what 'cosmic' means, but it must be good because otherwise they wouldn't be called Cosmic Brownies."

-- TJ Merrill

Junior, Fremont High School

Mixing it up

"Trail Mix. I eat it at least two or three times a week. It's the perfect combination of salty and sweet."

-- Maddi Morris

Senior, DaVinci Academy

"Without a competition, Dr. Pepper. It's the source of my musical inspiration."

-- Carson Crezee

Senior, Fremont High School

"I love the salty goodness of Cheez-Its."

-- Lauren Cheney,

Junior, Layton High School

Sweet comforts

"Ice cream -- one bite and you are in heaven!"

-- Brittney Degroot

Sophomore, Bonneville High School

"Churros. Nice, warm feeling with a bit of sugar."

-- Marisol Solorio

Sophomore, Bonneville High School

"I think mine's Krispy Kremes. Why? Because it's heaven. I try to eat healthy, but when it comes to Krispy Kremes, I make exceptions."

-- Dallin Holley

Senior, Fremont High School

Quick fixes

"Even if I'm running late to school, I HAVE to stop and buy a Pop Tart from the vending machine. If I don't, I'll starve."

-- Alyssa Torman

Sophomore, Northridge High School

"I live for Hot Pockets, because it's a delicious portable pizza that takes only two minutes to heat up, and I have one every day after school. YUM. And it's filling!"

-- Stephanie Black

Senior, Northridge High School

Going sour

"Sour gummy worms, because eating them is like a party in your mouth."

-- Annie Foster

Junior, Fremont High School

"I like french fries. I eat 'em every day with a Frosty. Way sick."

-- Nicole Cedeno,

Senior, Layton High School

Madison Nielsen is a senior at Layton High School. Email her at maddienielsen@comcast.net.

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