An ATV adventure through the Black Dragon

May 2 2012 - 3:20pm

When I first heard about the Black Dragon ATV Trail, the name alone was enough to put it on my have-to-ride list. I was all about slaying the Black Dragon on an ATV.

Traveling west of Green River, we passed the State Road 24 exit and the bridge over the San Rafael River. Turning off I-70 to the trailhead was tricky because there is no off-ramp. When you see the dirt road, you need to be going slow enough to make the turn off the freeway. If you miss it, finding a turn-around is not a short trip; believe me, I know. In my search, we stopped at a rest area. Looking across the canyon, I could see the trail we were supposed to be on. It was a long way back, but this time we made the turn.

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