Residents want voters to have say on Layton project

May 2 2012 - 7:08pm

LAYTON -- Residents unhappy about a recent city council decision to approve a new zone for a unique development property on the city's west side want to take the issue to the voters.

Citizens for Responsible Growth in West Layton is an organization made up of residents on the west side. The group has initiated a petition campaign to challenge the city council action taken in early April to rezone 107 acres on Hill Field Road for possible development of a village center, akin to Daybreak of Salt Lake City. The petition campaign also seeks to amend the city's master plan to lay the groundwork for the possible project.

The petition states that the city council ignored the concerns of residents who spoke against the project in a 4 1/2-hour public hearing and that the rezone occurred without an application for the involvement of a developer.

More than two years into the process, city representatives painted a picture of the village concept as a chance to be visionary. The development would blend office, commercial and a variety of housing options into the targeted area. The city's representatives admit the restrictions and guidelines in the newly zoned area make it a project many developers will not consider.

The proposal was not well-received by many neighbors.

Jay Ripley, of CRGWL, said people will be going door to door in an effort to collect the necessary signatures to put the issue on the ballot for November. He said petitions will also be available at Day Farms, 2516 W. Gentile St. in Layton.

The group has until May 14 to collect 5,000 signatures.

"Citizens voiced strong concerns about increased population density, traffic problems, educational concerns, crime and many other issues. The citizens felt strongly that the deepest worries about these issues had not been seriously studied or addressed," Ripley said.

The 107 acres subject to the rezone is currently owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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