Right-wing fears about communism not realistic

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 12:54 PM

Bob Montanez


I'm responding to the Apr. 24 letter, "Do we have domestic communists?" The writer concerned with communists is very misled by wing nuts referenced. I can't believe these people live among us; they vote and some are congressmen. The writer makes reference to the biggest wing-nuts ever, Allen West and Cleon Skousen and suggests reading Skousen's writings.

This writer'sbasis is from a statement made by Allen West, a very much misled right wing nut and Tea Partier, who lies like most Tea Party members. He claims that 81 U.S. congressmen are communists because they participate in the Congressional Progressive Caucus. All are Democrats, not communists.

The writer also states he and his family chose the Christian God, by letting their Christian beliefs be heard. Those beliefs are LDS. Skousen's beliefs, who was LDS along with his LDS protege Glen Beck, are the principles he is letting be heard, not Christian belief.

Skousen was admired by the John Birch Society and he used their magazines as source and reference material. Although an extreme conservative, most conservatives despised him. Namely, intellectual conservative William F. Buckley snubbed him and didn't want to be associated with him.

Skousen believed, like LDS scholars and prophets, in the planet/star Kolob, as being the closest to the kingdom of God. He claimed the earth was moved from the vicinity of Kolob and placed in our solar system 6,000 years ago. He believed there should be no separation of church and state. Allen West likely believes in Macarthism. Senator McCarthy claimed President Eisenhower was a communist.

Skousen was chief of police in Salt Lake City and removed from office by Salt Lake City,'s Mayor Lee, because he raided a club Lee frequented. He ran the police department like the LDS church is run. He was called "The master of half truths" and was the biggest spender of public funds ever in Salt Lake history. He proposed abolishing income tax, the EPA, and most federal departments and converting Social Security funds into private investments. He was against the LDS revelation of allowing blacks to the priesthood.

Bob Montanez

North Ogden

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