Top of Utah students honored

May 3 2012 - 2:06pm

SALT LAKE CITY -- Fifteen high school seniors from Utah who have demonstrated strong character and a determination to succeed in life have been named Daniels Scholars and will receive funding to attend the college or university of their choice.

The announcement was made last week by Linda Childears, president and CEO of the Daniels Fund.

Local winners included: Maria Jose Chevesich of Bonneville High School; and, Lynnzie Donna Leavitt of Woods Cross High School.

To identify candidates for the scholarship, the Daniels Fund partners with high schools, youth serving agencies and college prep providers that nominate candidates for the Daniels Scholarship. After being nominated, candidates take part in an interview and selection process in the communities in which they live.

In establishing the Daniels Scholarship program, cable pioneer Bill Daniels was seeking promising students who demonstrate strength of character, leadership, and a record of accomplishment in giving back to the community.

The Daniels Scholarship is not a "full ride," but is supplemental to all other financial aid resources, including Pell Grants available to the student. After other financial resources have been applied, the Daniels Scholarship covers all required tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies and a variety of other miscellaneous expenses. Students also receive a laptop computer and a printer.

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