Marxist revolution negates Christianity, nationalism

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 1:02 PM

Gerald J. Boyum


This is in partial response to Homer Beauchamp's guest commentary or May 6, "Haven't we had enough of Joe McCarthy?" He asked, "So where is this alleged 'cultural war on the Catholic Church' or any other religion?"

Anyone asking this question is either incredibly naÃØve or intentionally deceptive. For decades now, there has been a war against Christianity waged by activist judges, academia, mainstream media and liberal/leftist groups.

This war has its origins in the 1920s when an Italian communist, Antonio Gramsci, sought to explain why Bolshevik revolutions had not occurred in other countries besides Russia. He determined that there were three reasons:

Christianity, nationalism, and charities. The way to accomplish a Marxist revolution was to negate their influence by converting Marxist economic theory into a cultural struggle, a march through key institutions. This is now known as cultural Marxism or "political correctness"- the new "McCarthyism".

The parallels of the current regime's actions with Gramsci's recommendations are striking:

1. "Freedom of religion" has been changed to "freedom of worship," which means that Christians are to stay in their homes and churches, and leave law making, education, etc. to us.

2. The commitment to a transnational agenda, one that de-emphasizes our country's global role, and considers that the U.N. is the primary channel of American foreign policy. America is not "exceptional."

3. The proposal to limit tax deductions for charitable gifts, and attempt to force religious institutions to provide contraceptive services with employees' health care benefits.

Gramsci would approve.

Gerald Boyum


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