Agendas of public meetings, May 17

May 16 2012 - 9:21pm

A summary of agendas of public meetings to be held Thursday, May 17.

Layton City Council

5:30 p.m., work meeting, 437 N. Wasatch Drive

7 p.m., regular meeting

Consent items

Perpetual non-exclusive cable and facilities easement to Century Link corner of Fort Lane and Church Street, 1050 N. Fort Lane

Quit-claim deed for remnant parcel resulting from alignment of Weaver Lane located along Weaver Lane west of Flint Street

Final plat approval - Shadybrook Park Subdivision Phase 4 - 2500 W. 850 North

Final approval extension request - Whispering Pines PRUD Subdivision, 2875 W. 150 North

Final approval extension request - Howard's Farms Subdivision, 2597 E. Gentile St.

On-premise restaurant liquor license - Texas Roadhouse - 685 S. Ring Road

Temporary land-use regulations for billboard signs - Ordinance 12-19

Public hearings;

Development Agreement and Rezone Request - Barlow Corporation/Barlow-Kroger - agriculture to heavy manufacturing-industrial - Resolution 12-18 and Ordinance 12-17 - 275 N. King St.

Zoning ordinance amendment, adding zoning regulations for Retail Tobacco Specialty Businesses by amending section and adding sections and subsections regulating retail tobacco specialty businesses

Planning commisssion recommendations

New and unfinished business

Citizen comments

Hooper City Council

6:30 p.m., 5580 W. 4600 South

7 p.m., regular meeting

Business licenses:

Blue Collar Pest Control LLC, 4592 W. 5850 South

St. Mary Stampede Rodeo

Voting districts division

Discuss adjacent property along trails

Public comments

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