Burglary suspect destroys layton family's surprise

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 1:08 PM

Loretta Park

LAYTON -- Jerson Barreda and his siblings planned a surprise party, complete with decorations, for their mother, who was coming home from the hospital with their new baby sister.

Instead, they were surprised to find a man in their apartment Thursday afternoon.

Jerson, 12, a seventh-grader at North Layton Junior High School, his 17-year-old sister and their younger brother and sister, pulled into the parking lot at Layton Meadows Apartments, 540 W. 1425 North, and saw policemen in the area.

"I unlocked the door and went to open it, but something was in the way," Jerson said.

Jerson and his 6-year-old brother, Nahum Barreda, looked through the window next to the door and noticed a chair had been pushed against the door. They pushed their way in, and to their dismay, the first thing they saw was that all the decorations they had made and hung up had been torn down.

"He ruined our surprise for our mom," Jerson said.

Jerson’s older sister then walked down their hall and noticed a bedroom door was slightly open, Jerson said. She pushed the door to open it all the way and "someone closed the door on her," Jerson said.

That’s when Jerson ran outside, and the first policeman he saw was his school resource officer, Wes McKinney.

"I told him the man they were looking for was in our apartment," Jerson said.

The family went outside while officers searched inside for the man, who was wanted for a house burglary in Syracuse.

Layton Police Sgt. Jeff Roderick said the man, who was later identified as Dawson James Kuck, 19, of Syracuse, had led police on a foot chase after he came out of Pawn Depot near the apartment complex.

Police believe Kuck got inside the apartment through the front window, which had been left open.

Syracuse Police Lt. Tracy Jensen said police received a call that Kuck had forced his way inside a home in Syracuse earlier Thursday. He was seen taking an Xbox out of the home.

Syracuse police notified Clearfield and Layton police as to what kind of car Kuck was driving.

A Layton police officer spotted the car outside the pawn shop. When a man matching Kuck’s description came out of the pawn shop, he saw the police and ran, Roderick said.

Officers from Syracuse, Layton and the Davis County Sheriff’s Office searched the apartment complex but couldn’t find the suspect.

When they searched the apartment of Jerson and his parents, Barbara Barreda and Emanuel Lucas, officers found the window in a bedroom had been broken, Roderick said.

Police believe Kuck jumped from the second-story window to the ground.

Jensen said Kuck, who took clothing from the Layton apartment, called a friend. Syracuse police received a tip and found Kuck in an attic in a Clearfield apartment.

"When he heard the dog, he communicated with us and then came down," Jensen said.

Kuck was booked in Davis County Jail on suspicion of two counts of burglary, one count of theft, one count of interference with an arresting officer and one count of failure to respond to an officer’s signal to stop.

He is being held without bail. The Davis County Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case before filing formal charges in 2nd District Court.

Jerson said when he heard Kuck had been arrested, he felt safer.

"I was really, really scared. I kept thinking he was going to come back and do something bad to us."

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