Davis School District celebration winds down

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 1:08 PM

Shauna Lund

The yearlong Davis School District Centennial Celebration headed for the finish line Saturday with a successful Davis Dash and Centennial Fair.

The full-day activity was the final district-wide event planned to celebrate the 100th year of the district. Hundreds of people of all ages participated in the 5K and 10K runs, as well as the kid's fun run.

Community members were then invited to enjoy gourmet food, inflatables, carnival-like games and more. Entertainment featuring local school children was offered throughout the day. T-Minus 5 performed in a free twilight concert to complete the event.

Other activities in recent weeks also recognized the 100-year anniversary.

The annual Davis Education Foundation Gala "Centennial Celebration" featured school talent, more than 100 silent auction baskets donated by schools, student artwork and even a children's school playhouse as one of the live auction items. More than 680 people attended the event, helping the Foundation raise more than $100,000 for its Cash for Classrooms program.

"The Cash for Classrooms program gives teachers an opportunity to apply for grants that will help pay for classroom supplies," Communication & Partnerships Director Chris Williams said. "In the end, we cut expenses, raised a lot of money and know that more students will benefit than ever before."

Throughout the school year, schools in the district have also joined in on the Centennial Celebration. Within schools, several activities have focused on the past in looking to the future.

At Eagle Bay Elementary, students could see how children of yesteryear spent their recess time. Throughout the year, special recesses focused on activities of various decades. Jump rope, jacks, leap frog and other activities were introduced to students.

At Snow Horse Elementary, students have been focusing on service projects -- 100 to be exact. Projects have included writing to the military, making jingle boxes for the Humanitarian Center, collecting makeup and underwear for women battling drug addiction and making blankets for Shriners Hospital.

"Our schools and the community have been very supportive of our 100-year celebration," said Superintendent Dr. W. Bryan Bowles. "Through these activities, we wanted to bring attention to the very foundation of what our district is built upon -- learning first. This yearlong celebration has done that and more."

In fact, the celebration was so successful, many in the community would like to see the district continue to offer community-wide events. More than 1,735 respondents to a recent survey indicated they would like to see the district sponsor similar events in the future.

Many said they participated in at least one of the district-wide events. Of those surveyed, the largest number (79 percent) participated in the Readathon.

The 100th Davis School District school year will come to a close on June 1. But "learning first" will continue for at least another 100 years. And just as the district has grown and adapted during the last 100 years, many changes are expected in the future. But at its heart, educating the county's students will continue to be the main focus.

In a written history of the district, Les Foy said: "The public banks on the belief that teachers will always be dedicated."

The district began with those dedicated teachers 100 years ago and continues as one of the top districts in the state thanks to that same dedication from its employees.

"The celebrations this year commemorated more than just the establishment of the school district 100 years ago," Bowles said. "We are also celebrating the continuing success of our students and employees."

Shauna Lund is the Communication Specialist for the Davis School District. The Davis School District was formed on June 17, 1911.

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