Four-story Hampton Inn ready to rise in Farmington

May 17 2012 - 6:21pm


FARMINGTON -- Work is about to begin on a four-story, 84-room Hampton Inn hotel.

"It is basically set to go. The building permit has been stamped. All we're waiting for is the pre-construction meeting," Farmington City Planner Dave Petersen said of the project to be built on nearly two acres of undeveloped property at the corner of Park Lane and Lagoon Drive.

A pre-construction meeting between city officials and the Wyoming hotel developer is scheduled for Tuesday, Petersen said.

The hope is that construction will soon begin on the project with the intent of opening in time for the beginning of Lagoon's 2013 summer season, he said.

With street improvements for the parcel already in place, Petersen said, the hotel could be constructed in nine months to a year.

"It will be a great asset for providing lodging for Lagoon patrons," Petersen said.

The hotel, situated close to I-15 and the first to be built between Layton and Bountiful, should also do well the other months of the year, he said.

"The spacing from Salt Lake City isn't bad either," he said.

With plans calling for a four-story structure, the new hotel will be the tallest building in the city, Peterson said.

The Davis School District Administrative Offices and Davis County Administrative Offices currently under construction, both in downtown Farmington, each have three stories.

But with the Lagoon amusement park within Farmington, the hotel will not be the tallest structure in the city, Petersen said.

"As far as height, Lagoon has some pretty tall structures," he said.

Mayor Scott Harbertson said he is excited about the project because it puts a hotel close to the city's Station Park development; near Lagoon; and in close proximity to the Davis County Legacy Events Center which is hosting an increasing number of events.

The project also offers a place for travelers to stay in the 15-mile stretch between Bountiful and Layton, Harbertson said, while at the same time allows Farmington to gain revenues from the 1 percent hotel room tax.

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