Sheriff renews warning about recluse S. Utah cabin burglar

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 1:07 PM


CEDAR CITY — Southern Utah authorities are renewing their warnings about a mountain recluse they believe is armed, dangerous and responsible for more than two dozen cabin burglaries.

The Iron County Sheriff’s Office released a letter this week to residents of Cedar Mountain, urging them to call 911 if they have any information about 44-year-old Troy James Knapp.

They also warn residents not to enter their cabins if they suspect they’ve been burglarized, and not to approach any suspected burglars.

Authorities say they’ve dedicate many resources to finding Knapp, who’s a Michigan native and an ex-convict who deputies say "dropped off the radar" in 2003.

He’s suspected of spending the winters in cabins and summers in wilderness camps, leaving some cabins tidy and others with bullet holes in the walls and threatening notes.

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