Herbert says liquor license shortage hurting Utah

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 1:10 PM


SALT LAKE CITY-- Gov. Gary Herbert says a lack of liquor licenses available to restaurants is hindering business growth in Utah.

Herbert said at his monthly news conference Thursday that something needs to be done to ensure liquor licenses meet up with demand -- especially from out-of-state businesses looking to relocate in Utah.

Aside from adding more licenses, the state could potentially free up some licenses from businesses that carry multiples.

The current Utah quota only allows one full-service restaurant license for every 4,295 residents. That's higher than in places like California, where the ratio is one license per 2,000 people, or Washington, where it's one license per 1,200 residents.

The Salt Lake Tribune reportsHerbert says the issue isn't pressing enough by itself to call a special session of the Legislature.

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