Pleasant View's emergency team reports it is in good shape

May 28 2012 - 10:00pm

PLEASANT VIEW -- The Community Emergency Response Team is 200 strong, says Jill Mitton, who heads CERT as a volunteer.

"We are very close to our goal of one block captain for every 10 families," said Mitton. "We have made huge strides in the communication systems citywide. We do a radio check once a month."

Mayor Doug Clifford said the city has to do something about the responsibilities of city staff and officials in an emergency situation.

"We need to be part of that. I am a little embarrassed we haven't taken more time to do our part as well. We did some emergency training last year, but I'm not sure we are tied in the way we should be."

Clifford said this would be addressed at a future council meeting.

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