Club kids say . . .

Tuesday , March 18, 2014 - 1:28 PM

Linda East Brady

The Basement -- Tyler Riggs, 16, of Ogden, has been attending metal shows at The Basement virtually since it first opened in its first location on 24th Street.

"I was 13 when I started going. I really like the style of music that's played there," said Riggs, who listens to many different genres, but especially enjoys metal and hard-core.

"I like the touring bands at The Basement, but I've also been to see some local bands in band battles. The touring bands I've seen there -- Attila, Chelsea Grin -- really, I've seen so many there, it's hard to remember them all."

Riggs thinks the Basement has a good atmosphere: "Most people are very nice and respectful and there to see the music."

Riggs also likes the club's new location. "It is more spacious --more room, more people, better vibes, because we're not too crowded together. I'm really looking forward to the even bigger venue they are planning."

Mojos Caffe & Gallery -- Raychel Johnson, 20, of Ogden, has been going to Mojos for five years.

"It is a community center, not just a music venue," said Johnson, of the overall vibe of the gallery/venue.

She first discovered local music when she started coming to Mojos -- a profound revelation, she said.

"To be surrounded by people who are passionate about art and music, creating something bigger than themselves -- it is so energizing. It is great to be around people who care so much about art."

The touring bands added to this year's music mix also appealed. Johnson points to indie rockers Andrew Jackson Jihad and soul singer Allen Stone as two acts she has enjoyed meeting at the small venue.

"I started out with a musical taste in metal, but as I grew older, I started to mellow out. Mojos has always been there to provide me with whatever -- a metal show every now and again, acoustic, indie, electronica. That is why I have kept going, too."

But it is the art gallery aspect -- with paintings on the wall and materials on hand to make your own drawings -- that makes the venue special, said Johnson.

"That aspect makes it a more personal place. It has that living room appeal. It feels good that I know those artists by name."

Epic Wave -- The Cooper/McBride family of Clearfield has four regular attendees to the Sunset club. The kids range in age from 12-year-old Megan Cooper to 17-year-old Jordan McBride, who volunteers in security with his 16-year-old brother Skyler McBride. A special-needs sister, Sierra McBride, 14, even has a role as a "Club VIP."

"They have embraced her, made it so she can walk around and dance -- and she feels like she is helping out there, too, like her brothers and sister do," said mother Tara Cooper.

Skyler McBride said, "It is a nice environment to hang around in, especially a nice environment for the junior high kids. That is why we pretty much opened it to junior high, is they like to be like high school kids, and have somewhere to hang out. But before this, there really wasn't a place like that for their age group."

Skyler McBride wants to go into medicine eventually, but for now, likes the work experience the club gives him, and the added bonus of hanging out with friends while he works.

"I have made a lot of friends there," he said. "It's a good place to be."

Get Air Sports -- Chay Blair, 19, of Mantua, started jumping at Get Air Sports a year or so ago, looking for something fun to do with his four younger brothers. The five of them started jumping once a week, but now Blair gets down there whenever he can.

Blair said he has better cardiovascular health than ever before.

"I took a cardio watch in, that took my heart rate and other readings," said Blair. "And I actually had a hurt ankle that day, so was jumping, but not going all out."

The watch indicated he had burned almost 900 calories in a one-hour session.

"But I don't feel like I am just pumping iron at some gym, or doing, like, a tiring jog. This is for fun. Sure, I am tired when I am done, but I don't even notice getting tired. You get a better workout than if it feels like work."

Blair said he always liked the feeling of free-falling and of bouncing.

"One trampoline in your backyard is cool. This is like 50 different trampolines in one little place."

Blair has only recently discovered "Club Get Air" Friday nights at the Roy facility, which adds a disco feel to the jumping fun.

"I showed up one Friday and they were getting all set up. And I am a big fan of clubs -- the vibrations from the bass, the cool lights -- so to add that with the fun of the trampolines is absolutely perfect."

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