Evidence presented for accusations against Kaysville

Jun 4 2012 - 3:51pm


This response is in answer to Mayor Hiatt's unfounded accusations against Kaysville city, which were included in the June 1 article, "Resident chides Kaysville officials."

1) Election law violations: I have the letter which the lt. governor's office which said that the state would not charge Kaysville this time, but in the future, it should "follow the law". Kaysville got a pass on this one.

2) Voter violation: I have the statistics. If Mayor Hiatt would visit with me, I would be happy to prove he is completely wrong on this one!

3) The city's nepotism practices: Let's start with the city manager's hiring his brother-in-law for a position that did not exist at the time, and his brother-in-law is still in that position. What about Jay Jones and W. Jones (father and son) working for Kaysville City, What about Cami Moss and Nick Moss (husband and wife), what about the Ward twins who both work in the police department? There are others. The only reason the Davis County attorney did not press charges is because the state laws outlining penalties for cities' nepotism laws violations are so broad that there is no teeth in the laws. Mr. Rawlings had told me to have a representative of the state sponsor a bill to correct these problems and he would assist in this task. I had began this process with Julie Fisher, but she has left the state legislature and so I have to get another sponsor, but I am still going to pursue this to straighten out the law.

4) The $30,000 spent by Kaysville city was because of the lack of fiscal management practices when the city administrator, the mayor and the city council had Mr. Felshaw King try to stop our group from exercising our constitutional rights to petition. This delayed our effort by a good six weeks. In the final analysis, Mr. King stated that the law does not provide for the city recorder to reject petitions. I still have a copy of this letter.

It wouldn't hurt if Mayor Hiatt would talk to all of us.

Margaret Brough


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