No pay increases in 2013 budget for Ogden employees, but tradeoff is only 1 position lost

Jun 5 2012 - 9:39pm


OGDEN -- Ogden city employees likely won't get any help with their cost-of-living expenses this year.

The proposed salary schedule in the fiscal year 2013 budget from the administration includes no cost-of-living or pay-for-performance increases for city employees.

Insurance costs across the board are expected to increase by 7 percent, although the city will be paying for 4 percent of that, resulting in a $317,650 increase to the budget.

Increases in individual employee costs will vary based on an employee's participation in either a traditional or high-deductible health insurance plan.

Mayor Mike Caldwell said the decision to not include any cost-of-living increases was a difficult one, but necessary.

"The goal with that was to keep everyone employed," he said. "If we had implemented cost-of-living increases, we would have had to cut some positions."

Caldwell said Ogden city, like many other entities across the globe, is not immune to the current economic climate.

But the news isn't all doom and gloom as the proposed salary schedule does include a one-time employee cash payout and retirement funding increases.

As part of the proposal, all full-time employees would receive a one-time cash payout equivalent to 1 percent of their base salary, which would be made in a single payment before the end of next month.

The city will also contribute to the retirement account for post-retired public safety and firefighter employees at the rate of 11.18 percent of their base salary.

Ogden Chief Administrative Officer Mark Johnson said one of the biggest components of this year's budget is several staff changes meant to help with operational requirements, also following the theme of trying to do more with less.

The city is proposing to move animal services from community and economic development to the police department, and emergency services from risk management to the fire department.

The city is adding jobs and reducing jobs, but the net effect will be one less position in city staffing.

A public hearing for the salary schedule will be held June 19 at the Ogden City Municipal Building, 2549 Washington Blvd.

If salary schedules are adopted, they will be effective July 1.

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