eBay purchase, DNA in hat lead to arrest of Roy man in Layton bank robbery

Jun 7 2012 - 10:49am

LAYTON -- Police believe they've solved an armed robbery case from last November.

Brad Stelling, 19, of Roy, was charged with aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony, and theft, a class-B misdemeanor, in 2nd District Court in Farmington on Wednesday. Along with the charges, Layton police filed a warrant for his arrest.

Police came to suspect Stelling of the crime after matching their suspect's disguise to his DNA and an eBay purchase.

On Nov. 18, a male wearing a baseball cap and an "old man" mask went into the Fresh Market at 910 N. Fairfield Road in Layton and approached the Wells Fargo Bank inside, according to the declaration for the warrant for Stelling's arrest.

The masked robber demanded money from the teller and brandished a silver item that a witness believed was the handle of a handgun, the declaration reads. The suspect grabbed the money and fled the store.

Another witness, who lives near Fresh Market, saw a male wearing an "old man" mask running to a car, then got in and drove away, the declaration adds.

At the place the witness last saw the suspect, police found a baseball cap, which appeared to be the same one in the surveillance footage of the robbery. The Utah State Crime Lab found Stelling's DNA inside the hat, according to the declaration for the warrant.

In December, a confidential informant told police that Stelling has been "bragging about robbing a Wells Fargo Bank inside an Albertsons (Fresh Market) store," and that he did so wearing an "old man" mask that he bought on eBay. The Layton store used to be an Albertsons, but was among the 34 locations that Associated Food Stores acquired in 2009 and renamed as Fresh Market, according to Supermarket News.

Investigators subpoenaed eBay about Stelling's accounts. The company confirmed that he bought an "old man" mask from them prior to the date of the robbery, and they provided a picture of the mask, the warrant states.

The mask in the picture matched the one in the surveillance footage, the warrant adds.

Based on the fruits of their investigation, police filed the charges and warrant against Stelling and set his bail at $50,000.

If convicted, Stelling's aggravated robbery charge carries a sentence of five years to life in prison. He would serve a maximum of six months in jail for the theft charge.

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