Plain City officials contemplate a future sewer rate increase

Jun 10 2012 - 10:25pm

PLAIN CITY -- Sewer costs have risen over the years for the city but not for residents, Councilman Brent White said recently.

White said residents have not had an increase in their sewer rates since 1997. Residents are charged $13.50 per household per month, but White said the city needs to study rates, which have not kept up with either inflation or costs of running the system.

White requested the matter be discussed in the upcoming public hearing on the city budget which will be at 7 p.m. June 21 as part of the regularly scheduled council meeting at City Hall, 4160 W. 2300 North.

"I have been looking at our history (of the sewer system and costs) and tried to come up with projected costs and potential growth patterns and see what we need to do to cover our sewer costs," White said.

He said he had sent the information he gathered to City Treasurer Steve Davis. White said if the city had raised the rates annually to keep up with inflation since 1997, the current rate for residents would now be between $20 and $25 per month. He said this number only took into account inflation, and did not include increasing costs to run sewer collection and treatment.

White said the population in Plain City is increasing, and new state requirements will generate more improvements to the sewer system.

"We know we need to address it in some fashion," White said. "The fact that we haven't done anything as far as increases in 15 years makes it seem like a jump."

White said he would like the council to think about the issue and help address it in the upcoming meeting.

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