Ridiculous to name historic Hooper park after Reagan

Jun 13 2012 - 2:25pm


I understand that some upstart councilmen in Hooper have taken it upon themselves, with no input from the established residents to change the name of the historic old "Hooper Park."

They want to add the name of Ronald Reagan, who never did anything for working people or farmers, which is Hooper's legacy.

I am 80 years old, and I remember Hooper Park as a place for rodeos, horse races and athletic competition, not as a political place where a politician came and gave a speech because it was the safest place in the area. Is that any reason to name the place after him?

Does anyone really believe that Ronald Reagan gave a damn about Hooper, Utah? He came here fro security reasons. He had never heard of Hooper, Utah.

If we are going to add a name to our old historical park, why not call it the "Hooper Fowers Park" of the "Hooper Simpson Park," or the Hooper Belnap Bark, or the "Hooper Hull Park."

If a name must be added, let it be a Hooper name instead that of a Hollywood jerk.

Ed Venstra



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